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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel
Posted: November 13, 2014 at 7:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Weather Channel and represents what is perhaps the most popular weather forecast service in the US right now, so it was only a matter of time before we saw the development of an official app for iOS devices such as iPhone. When it comes to weather forecasts, people tend to find a reliable source and then stick to that source and seek it out when in need of the latest weather reports. More often than ever before, people receive this information exclusively on their mobile device, so it was of the utmost importance that The Weather Channel has their own app so as to not risk losing members of its audience. It’s always difficult to rate which is the most accurate forecast out there, but the level of detail doesn’t necessary translate to accuracy. And accuracy can’t always be related to reliability!

So, what features does The Weather Channel mobile app provide for users? Well, obviously it has detailed weather forecasts so that you can plan your day or week or even the next hour. These also feature maps that give you radar images of the past and future, so as to compare how the weather is progressing and what to expect in the future. Push notifications and badges bring this information to users instantly, which is especially useful when it comes to severe weather warnings. On that note, there is a Hurricane Central feature which receives all the detailed hurricane tracking and big storm news for the season and the year. You can use the app as your lock screen and receive amazing background images to match weather conditions in your location, and there are even a range of social tools so that you can share info and discuss the weather on social media.

We do love a great level of detail, and The Weather Channel app certainly excels in this department. Perhaps the most memorable and redeeming features of this app are the smaller ones, such as seasonal tools that are designed for a specific use. You can look at weather-related airport delays, for example, which is perfect for when you are travelling. There is a boat and beach module for those on vacation, and pollen alerts delivered straight to your lock screen for those that suffer from hay-fever and similar allergies. These smaller features don’t amount to that much, but we love that there is thought behind the development of the app to bring a more personal experience to the user. That said, we have experienced a few problems with the widgets that are designed to bring your information instantly – often, they are not updated unless you open the app and remove then re-add the widget.

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The Weather Channel
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