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Google Maps

Posted: November 13, 2014 at 7:26 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

This app is the demigod of all the map and navigation apps in the world. I must say that I was not a fan of Google Maps before, but after the last update during the Google I/O conference in 2013,  I completely changed my mind! I mean literally, Google Maps changed the view of the world! You could see the Earth from the Sun’s position!  Recently, for April Fool’s Day, Google introduced the Pokémon Hunt, where you have to look for the Pokémon throughout Google Maps and you have to travel to different locations and capture the Pokémon.  Even though it was a prank, it was still cool. It has got so many views and also the Google “Peg Man” will help you out by standing in a location and giving you the real-life street view.

There were lots of updates after the conference such as: new User Interface, new themes, new earth view, etc. The map is just amazing!The recent update has this smart calculation: it calculates the amount of time it will take for you to travel from one place to another and gives you the option to choose between  public transport, car, motorbike, airplane or on foot. It gives the exact distances, time and traffic information, which helps a lot. The design and the user interface are extraordinary. The app is easy to use and also has voice recognition. The Google maps automatically launches your search for a place and gives every detail about the place such as the Contact number.  It also allows you to save that place to view later.

The street view in Google maps shows you the pictures taken recently of the place that you search. The voice recognition is super-hot, if you say “Find nearby restaurants” Boom! It gives the search result of all the restaurants nearby, that’s simply a smartass app. I love everything about this app. It has got some minor bugs that users complained but overall it’s a sexy app for everybody. It is a default app for smartphone users. Everybody must have Google Maps! It even shows you the menu list of the restaurants, which makes me drool as the food is shown with images! It shows you the bus number and train numbers that you need to travel to a specific place. If the road is closed, it even alerts you. This is a smart navigation app. I suggest every one of you to download it right away.

This app is for everybody, not only for travellers. Even if you forget the path to your home, Google Maps will help you out. Every time this app updates, it comes with something big and amazing. I would not go long distances without this app. It gives me the shortest and the fastest way to get to a place. Do not wait to download it!

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