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Posted: November 15, 2014 at 9:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Camera+ is a powerful photo taking and editing app for iPhone and has been downloaded by over 10 million users to date. It has been praised across a range of publications, from the Wall Street Journal to TIME Magazine. The main praise for Camera+ seems to center on its precision, comparing the level of sharpness attained when editing your photos with something like a high-quality SLR lens on a premium model camera. Whether you’re a regular person who has no experience with cameras or a professional photographer, this app makes the process of taking and modifying photos easy for all. Modern day camera are so complicated that it takes a while to learn all their various features and options; the same goes for image editing and graphical design software such as Photoshop – there is a reason its manual is so thick, and there are courses that people go on in order to become proficient. With this app, all you need is a short tutorial.

So, what makes Camera+ better than other photo apps out there for the iPhone? Well, the features are numerous: you can change shooting mode, digital zoom, add a frontal flash or horizon level. You can add different effects, borders and such as well as add a caption to the bottom of the photo before you upload it to Facebook or Instagram. The possibilities are endless, and the creative user will really appreciate all the effort that has gone into the app’s features and attention to detail. The great thing that this app does is build on the existing hardware and software of the iPhone. It takes the power of the iPhone’s built-in camera and harnesses it, introducing many different elements to enhance it even further. There’s a reason that so many are now choosing Camera+ as their default photo app ahead of the standard iPhone photo app.

But perhaps the best thing about Camera+, at least to us, is that no matter the amount of new features that have been developed and stuffed into the app, they still do not charge extra besides the $1.99 required to purchase and download it in the first place. Upgrades of this level typically requires some kind of additional payment, but up to this point existing Camera+ users are continuing to get new features out of their initial money spent. Plus, developers are only human after all and may make mistakes, but with this app they always end up fixing them down the line and ensuring the current user-base has the best possible experience. Ultimately, Camera+ is a huge advance on the existing built-in camera app for iPhone, offering many different features and capturing the process of taking photos with an actual camera. We wouldn’t hesitate to push users in the direction of this app if they were looking for an alternative.

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