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Posted: November 13, 2014 at 10:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

AccuWeather is given the name for a reason, and is one of the most accurate weather forecast services out there. I’ve used the website for years, and it’s never failed to provide me with a valuable and more importantly reliable source of data when it comes to weather forecast information. I used to check it on an extension in my desktop browser, which was cool when close to my computer but obviously inconvenient when out of the office. Fortunately, there is also an AccuWeather mobile app available for iOS devices that means you are never without the ability to check the weather in an instant. This latest incarnation is a completely rebuilt, customizable version of their initial mobile app, featuring a bunch of new features that makes checking the weather easier and the whole experience more rewarding.

What feature does this powerful weather app boast, then? Well, if you read anything about the app online, you’ll see a certain trademarked term highlighted on numerous occasions. MinuteCast is a brand new minute-by-minute weather forecast service that lends everything a new level of detail that we’ve really never seen before. You can get forecasts every minute for the next two hours, and hyper-localized forecasts that not only give you the weather info for your area but right down to your street address for near perfect accuracy. Push severe weather alerts are another useful feature of this app, in that they reserve only the most critical of weather info for your notifications. It means that, should you be in the situation when dangerous weather is incoming, you won’t miss out on receiving this news instantly – even when on your lock screen!


What else is there? Well, there is a great level of personalization with this app: you can pick favorite locations to add to your forecasts, rather than simply receiving weather news for the area you are in at the time. The illustrations used on the app are descriptive and work well; applying to the current weather details but also for the next 72 hours, if you’re looking into the immediate future – next 15 days if you’re looking further ahead. You can hide the information you don’t care about, too – receiving only that which matters to you. There are also animated weather radar apps and maps for tracking the path of a storm, though this feature is only available in the US, Canada, Northern Europe and Japan. While this latest updated version of the AccuWeather app is as dependable and detailed as ever – perhaps even mores – unfortunately the design seems to have suffered in the process! It is a lot less easy on the eye and easy to use than it was before the update.

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